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Seeing Aus #1 – Yep, Numero Uno!

River Murray SA

River Murray SA


I’veĀ been wanting to start a blog about travelling around Australia, camping, fishing, maybe throw in a bit of offroading (once we sort out our vehicle) and pretty much anything else that is related.

I’m hoping to be able to show some interesting places around Australia and some of their background.

we recently purchased a caravan so the family can camp in a bit of comfort, and after using it a few times, I can say I’m a convert, well … when compared to putting up family sized tents in the dark anyway and especially with kids.

So what is coming up in this blog? As mentioned we will be sorting out our vehicle situation soon, and moving back into a 4wd. We recently have just been camping and did some kayaking, some fishing and so no doubt there will be some blogs about that stuff.

Hope to speak to you soon.

Shem Mc – Seeing Aus